Bimetal band saw blades suitable for variety of metals, applications

October 12, 2004

The L.S. Starrett Co. has introduced the Gladiator™ line of production cutting bimetal band saw blades suitable for a variety of metals and applications.

The blades feature bimetal construction with fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing for durability and heat resistance. The new tooth design features triple-tempered M42 high-speed steel teeth with 8 percent cobalt (HRC 67-69) at up to a 12-degree rake angle. According to the company, the blades are designed to deliver easy penetration; good chip clearance; improved surface finishes; and faster, straighter cuts.

The blades are suitable for high-production cutting in a full range of steels-from mild to stainless, up to 42 HRC-as well as for nickel-based and nonferrous alloys. They come in seven widths and thicknesses, from in. by 0.035 in. to 3 1/8 in. by 0.063 in., and cut a variety of shapes, solids, and tubing.

For large, solid sections of exotic and nickel-based alloys and high-hardness steels, the company also offers Gladiator Pulsator with a specially designed tooth edge that allows the teeth to cut in an aggressive, surging cutting action. These blades come in six different widths and thicknesses, from 1 in. by 0.035 in. to 3 1/8 in. to 0.063 in.

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