Boiler tube panel saw removes boilers in tight areas

October 14, 2008

Esco Tool offers a panel saw and steel track system that attaches to water wall boiler tubes using weld tabs that help determine the cut line.

The PanelHog® APS-438LP low-profile saw and EscoTrack™ System are designed to remove boiler tube panel sections in tight areas and require no extra operator training. Attached using weld tabs, the track fully supports the saw, which travels on four V-grooved steel wheels and produces a &#plusmn;1/16-in. cut with no HAZ.

Featuring a standard 10-in. wheel for cutting 3-3/8-in. deep panels, the saw has a 3-HP pneumatic motor, uses 80 CFM, and cuts tough materials with a high percentage of chrome. Suitable for membrane removal, the tool can be removed, rotated 90 degrees, and reinstalled on the track for vertical notching. An optional 14-in. wheel for 5-1/4-in.-deep panels also is available.

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