Chop saw dry-cuts metal pipe, plate, profiles

March 20, 2014

CS Unitec’s new model 9435 Premium Super Dry Cutter cuts metal pipe, plate, and profiles without the need for lubrication or manual deburring. The 14-in. chop saw cuts up to 6 in. deep at 90 degrees in stainless steel, ferrous and nonferrous metal, plastic, and aluminum.

Bevel cuts up to 4.75 in. at 45 degrees can be achieved with the patented quick-release, heavy-duty vise. The saw’s 19-amp, 115-V, high-torque motor delivers a free cutting speed of 1,400 RPM. Safety features include a depth stop, safety-locking pin, and protective shield.

The saw is supplied standard with a 14-in., 90-tooth tungsten carbide-tipped blade for cutting stainless and thin steel. A blade-stabilizing system reduces vibration.

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