Circular saw makes straight, miter cuts on bars, tubes, structural workpieces

July 29, 2014

Pat Mooney Inc. offers the OMP KR3 fully automatic circular miter saw. It is designed for production sawing applications requiring straight and miter cuts on bars, tubes, and structural workpieces.

Its upcut design provides a cutting capacity of 8.5 in. and the ability to cut angles in the automatic cycle from 75 degrees to the left to 60 degrees from the right. The miter function is fully automatic and allows for multiple different angle cuts to be programmed within the same job.

The saw head is hydraulically driven and controlled via a servo feed system for control of the feed rate. The gearbox is equipped with a hydraulic brake to ensure that all backlash is removed from the system.

Zone Cut technology adjusts the feed rate during the cut when sawing round or square tubes. It automatically increases the feed rate in express zones of the tube, where the blade is cutting through thinner sections of material, and automatically decreases the feed rate in critical zones - - the entry and exit points where the material is wider and thicker.

An integrated loading system is available that automatically loads round and square materials into the saw. This system can accept bundles weighing up to 8,800 lbs. and will load material until the saw program is complete or the saw is out of material. The saw also can be equipped with unloading systems configured for specific cut lengths and customer requirements.

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