CNC carbide cutoff system equipped with autoloaders, bar stockers

September 12, 2006

Pat Mooney Inc. – The Saw Company carries the Nishijimax CNC carbide cutoff system designed for fully automatic cycles and is equipped with autoloaders and bar stockers.

After a bar length has reached the remnant end, the loading table introduces a new bar on the infeed conveyor. The gripper vise locates the bar and feeds it into trim cut position. During this cycle, the unit discharges the remnant end into a scrap bin, makes a trim cut, and discards the trim cut end also into a scrap bin. The machine then feeds the proper cut length and continues production. The machine continues to cycle as long as bars remain on the table or until it has made a predetermined number of cuts.

The NC saw spindle feed axis automatically sets a precise feed rate and maintains the input chip load. An AC servomotor with encoder controls the saw blade feed rate. Other features include a blade brake for zero vibration when the blade enters the cut and a gearbox oil chiller to maintain constant gearbox temperature. These features are intended to extend the life of the saw blade and the gearbox, respectively. Options include magnetic and drag-style automatic chip conveyors.

The rigid construction contributes to cut accuracy. The saw head travels on hardened and ground linear rails. The saw blade is guided into the workpiece by ceramic guides that provide six points of contact for zero deflection and blade wobble.

Nishijimax blade capacities are from 2.75 in. to 9.00 in. Three Kanefusa blades compatible with the saw are the TA-4 high-performance blades, ST-4 higher-grade blades for more demanding applications, and TI-4 coated blades.

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