Cold saw blade has teeth in enlarged center hole

May 16, 2013

Cold saw blade has teeth in enlarged center hole -

Graebener-Reika Inc. offers the RingSaw™ line of cold saws for processing tube, pipe, bar, plate, and sheet metal. Instead of cutting with the OD of the blade, the saw puts teeth in the enlarged center hole. The electromechanical unit rotates the blade by turning the OD; the center hole is for cutting rather than the traditional spindle design.

The user feeds a workpiece along the X axis through the hole in the blade's center, and the blade oscillates on a Y-Z slide table to make the cut. The machine can cut diameters from 0.39 to 24.02 in. and wall thicknesses from 0.04 to 5.91 in.

The teeth are mounted with machined seats and screws. When an edge becomes dull, an operator rotates the insert to one of four fresh edges; the insert is replaced after all four edges have been used. Additionally, the teeth are tapered into contact with the workpiece gently to help eliminate burrs.

Each machine can support wet or dry cutting and features integral cutting fluid and chip management systems.

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