Concentrated cutting fluids introduced

June 21, 2010

DoALL Sawing Products' Cutting Fluids Division has introduced the Ultra series of cutting fluids, including Kool-ALL Ultra®, Kleen-Kool Ultra®, and Power-Cut Ultra®. Concentrated forms of existing products, the fluids give the user more coolant, less water, and lower freight costs, the company says.

The semisynthetics in the line feature long sump life, good tramp oil rejection, and a balance between control of bacteria and mold to help reduce odor and tube and passageway mold growths. The EP fortified soluble oils handle alloy steels such as 300 series stainless and include emulsifiers that mix easily with water. The synthetic coolants have low foaming tendency, good fines release, and hard water tolerance.

The fluids are packaged in recyclable containers and liners.

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