Dry-cutting saw has predrilled holes for bolting to workbench

October 9, 2007

The M.K. Morse Co. offers a 14-in. metal cutting saw with dry-cutting technology. The saw is designed to provide long life, little or no sparks, good cut finish, and fast cutting.

The low-speed, high-torque motor is optimized for metal cutting at 15 amps and 1,300 RPM. The heavy-duty steel base has predrilled holes for bolting to a workbench. With six preset markings in the base, the vise can be set for 45- or 90-degree cuts. Cutting capacity is 5 1/8 in. dia. for pipe and 3 3/4 in. for rectangular pieces to accommodate many materials. An ergonomically shaped D-handle with safety features allows a safe, easy grip with maximum comfort, the company reports. The saw is designed specifically for metal.

Additional features include a chip-collection tray; a built-in carrying handle with an on/off trigger switch; and an adjustable chip deflector. The blade is fully enclosed when not cutting.

Each saw comes with a steel cutting 14-in., 72-tooth, carbide-tipped Metal Devil blade.

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