Integrated sawing, machining center designed for tubing, solid bar industries

June 7, 2010

Rattunde Corp. has introduced the ACS + CFMcurve integrated sawing and machining center for the tubing and solid bar industry.

The ACS sawing function uses electronics, servomotors, and custom-developed software to control the saw blade during the cutting process. A proprietary sawing algorithm yields fast saw cutting time, good surface finish, and long saw blade life, the company says.

The CFMcurve machining center is a patented process that simultaneously machines each workpiece end using 12 independent, servo-controlled axes. Machining options include threading, boring, profile turning, grooving, radius edges, and angled chamfering. Programming screens guide operators for simplified setup on even complex part geometry. No special programming is required.

Precision parts are made in one continuous process with no operator intervention. Bundles of mill-length stock, up to 54.13 ft. long, are placed in an automatic loader, individually separated, and fed to the sawing process. Cut parts are transferred to the machining center for finishing.

All critical sawing and machining parameters are monitored and controlled. Clamping forces and position, saw blade torque and vibration, and machining insert torque are continuously displayed and monitored. Operating limits are set, and machine functions stop when they are not met. Key data for each part produced is stored in memory for statistical evaluation.

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