Large-capacity abrasive saw engineered for large workpieces

June 20, 2014

The Kalamazoo Industries model K26E large-capacity abrasive saw is designed for foundries and other metalworking operations handling large workpieces. The machine offers options for almost any type of cut in workpieces up to 7-in. pipe, 5-in. solids, and 8-in. shapes. The saw, available for wet or dry cutting, is totally enclosed with a 6-in. outlet. It accepts 26-in.-dia. abrasive wheels and can be ordered with motors from 20 to 50 HP.

Available options include oscillation for mirror-surface cutting, wheel-wear compensation, cam vise clamping, a vacuum dust collector, door interlocks, bed filter/pump system, T-slot tables, and a movable X-axis table.

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