Minimal footprint band saws designed to meet daily production requirements

December 20, 2011

Peddinghaus Corp. offers Eco-Line band saws for cutting steel. Designed to meet daily production requirements, the saws work quickly and efficiently and have a minimal footprint, the company reports.

The saws can cut at 30-, 45-, 90-, and 135-degree angles. They facilitate the integration of straight and miter cuts into the section size and are suitable for cutting material with different cross sections and frequent changes of straight miter cuts.

The swivel of the saw head remains the same for each miter cut above the intersection of the saw blade; the fixed vise ensures an unchanging datum measuring point to eliminate material loss.

The 320G-HSS model cuts material up to 12 in. high and 19.5 in. wide at 90 degrees, with a 7-in.-high, 7-in.-wide capacity up to 60 degrees. It is designed for lighter-duty cutting of beams, tubing, pipe, angle, channel, and round and square stock.

The 410 DGA 2300 model is suitable for streamlined manufacturing, steel stocking centers, and fabrication shop production. This automated saw delivers CNC accuracy and repeatability up to 16 in. high and 27.5 in. wide at 90 degrees and 16 in. high and 12.5 in. wide up to 60 degrees.

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