Mitering band saw designed for large beams, structural material

August 8, 2012

Mitering band saw designed for large beams, structural material -

Behringer has introduced the new HBP-510/1208G mitering band saw for precision, high-speed cutting of large structural beams and profiles. With a cutting range of 47.2 by 20.0 in. and a bilateral miter of 30 degrees off of 90 degrees on both left and right side, the new saw is suitable for use in the construction and steel trades.

The saw frame is inclined 8 degrees to help optimize the number of blade teeth that contact the material being cut. The frame also features a rotary, swivel-action bearing for smooth miter angle adjustments. The mitering point is located at the intersection between the saw blade and the material support edge so that the measurement reference line never changes. The rotating action of the bearing lets operators make quick adjustments and achieve high miter angle setting accuracy, the company says.

Powered by a 17.7-HP gearmotor, the saw uses a ball screw for downfeed control. The downfeed power/saw blade pressure is monitored by a servo-controlled cutting pressure sensing system. Sensor data is analyzed, and the system continually makes adjustments to help maintain balance between blade feed and pressure.

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