PC-based remote control offered for automatic mitering band saw

April 21, 2014

Behringer has launched a new version of its model HBP-310/523G/A horizontal mitering band saw. The saw now features CNC-dialog control via PC, along with a stand-alone, 118-in. feeding gripper. The automatic saw cuts all materials from profiles to high-tensile solids.

The new PC interface enables total control over mitering functions while permitting the machine operator to attend to other important tasks. The 15-in. flat-panel LCD allows programming by keyboard or touchscreen.

Remote CNC programming capabilities include input of orders with material number, part dimensions, cutoff lengths, quantity, trim cut length, part number, and drawing number. Input is stored in the job data bank and can be recalled at any time.

New features include a program that tracks saw band deflection to monitor the straightness of the cut. Regardless of where the operator is, real-time digital display of blade deviation from the zero line may be viewed on the PC screen. When a preset deflection limit value is reached, the feed rate is reduced automatically. After 30 seconds, if the blade deflection is still over the limit, the saw automatically executes another reduction of the feed rate.

When the blade deflection no longer triggers reductions to feed rate, the machine readjusts to initial feed rate settings. Should blade deflection continue to increase, the saw blade will withdraw from the cut, the machine will switch off, and an alarm will appear on the operator's PC screen.

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