Plate saws available for both traverse and longitudinal sawing

January 12, 2010

Pat Mooney Saws offers the Nishijimax NHC-SQA automatic plate saws in two models.

The NHC-850SQA is designed for traverse sawing of plate up to 3 in. thick and 24 in. wide. The NHC-8310SQA saws longitudinally, handling plate that is 4 in. thick and 20 ft. long.

A saw spindle drive system results in 15- to 115-RPM blade speeds. A 21-HP induction motor drives the saw blade spindle via a reduction gearbox.

The company's NC saw spindle feed axis helps ensure that a feed rate is set automatically and input chip load is maintained. The saw blade feed rate is controlled via an AC servomotor with encoder, a Mitsubishi programmable servo drive, and a precision ball screw.

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