Pneumatic reciprocating saw certified for hazardous environment use

September 16, 2008

CS Unitec's 1.3-HP pneumatic reciprocating saw is ATEX certified (Class 112 GcT5) for use in hazardous environments. The saw's durability makes this tool suitable for use in refineries, offshore oil, marine, mining, petrochemical, power generation, industrial plant maintenance, construction, and demolition applications, the company reports. Model 5 1217 0020 (also known as The Cat) is designed for fast, hand-held cutting of steel and other materials.

Operators can mount the saw on an optional pipe clamp to make 90-degree cuts. When used with a clamp and the company's heavy-duty blades, the saw cuts steel pipe up to 4 in. It also is also suitable for cutting structural steel, tanks, and bolts.

The saw has an ANC (All-round Needle-bearing Crank) gear drive that reduces friction and wear to reduce heat and prolong tool life. The combination of the ANC drive with a heavy-duty air motor helps provide a good power-to-weight ratio, states the company. The 9-lb. saw uses 48-CFM air volume at 90-PSI air pressure.

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