Reciprocating saw blades introduced

March 11, 2014

The M. K. Morse Co. has introduced a new line of bimetal reciprocating saw blades.

The Master Cobalt® products replace and simplify the core product line. In addition, the Advanced Edge line introduces several metal cutting and demolition blades. The Advanced Edge Bolt™, a patent-pending tooth and set design, provides fast cutting, while the Advanced Edge Power™ is wider and thicker to deliver straighter cuts and handle heavier feed pressures.

The Renovator™ blade is a wide blade with a tooth pitch designed to provide control for finer cuts when renovating or remodeling existing structures. In addition to these are Havoc™; Pipe Boss™; Salvage™; Pallet Dismantling; Plaster; Fire & Rescue; Airsaw; and specialty blades in diamond-grit, carbide-grit, and carbide-tipped styles.

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