Semiautomatic band saw saws solids, structural shapes up to 20 in.

October 9, 2007

Kalamazoo Machine Tool's model KS600 semiautomatic band saw is designed for production sawing of solids and structural shapes up to 20 in. at 90 degrees in full-cycle, semiautomatic operation.

The saw offers double mitering up to 60 degrees left and right, with blade speed infinitely variable from 60 to 360 FPM to allow cutting speed adjustments. The frame is canted 5 degrees to cut through the bottom of a structural section without vibration or slowdown of the sawing rate.

Components of the saw are designed to provide vibration-free production cutting and fully hydraulic operation. The freestanding operator console can be placed in the desired location. When the operator pushes a button, the saw frame automatically senses the material size. The vise clamps; the frame cuts at the preset rate, returning automatically to clear the workpiece; and the vise opens for the next workpiece.

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