Touchscreen controls added to automatic roller feed saw

June 2, 2014

Scotchman® Industries has added touchscreen controls to its CPO 315 roller feed automatic cold saw. The saw provides uninterrupted cutting on tubes, solids, and extrusions; with the new controls, the user can store profile settings such as speeds and feeds, which helps speed material size changes. The machine is suitable for high-volume and long-length applications that require accurate, clean cuts, the company states.

The saw comes equipped with a supply table or a full bundle-loading attachment. The standard supply table accepts raw stock loading of material lengths from 30 in. to 24 ft. Either system allows the saw to load, trim, cut, and sort lengths up to 120 in. (60 in. is standard) and hold ±0.006-in. lengths of tubing up to 3 in. dia.

With optional equipment, the user can feed directly into a deburring machine or acquire form jaws that can handle thin-wall applications without distortion. The saw is available in ferrous and nonferrous models.

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