Shear is both portable and stationary

December 13, 2005

Metabo Corp. offers the Ku 6872, a 16-ga. shear that functions as a portable or stationary tool. The shear is suitable for burr-free cutting, shearing, and trimming of sheet metal.

The unit mounts upside down on a tool bench for stationary use on small pieces of material. It is operated with one hand in either the portable or stationary position. A lock-on switch provides additional control.

The shear's blades have four cutting edges that do not require sharpening, and the heavy-duty cutting head and drop-forged base provide for accurate cutting, the company reports. The 5.2-amp shear offers 26.5 in.-lbs. of torque, 5,300 no-load SPM, and a capacity of 16 ga. in mild steel and 18 ga. in mild stainless steel. The unit measures 9 in., weighs 4.8 lbs., and provides a minimum cutting radius of 5/8 in.