Adjustable air amplifier has no impellers, moving parts

October 14, 2008

Exair's 3-in. adjustable air amplifier moves high volumes of air to cool, vent, exhaust, and dry. The airflow can be adjusted from a blast to a breeze to match application requirements. There are no impellers or moving parts.

The amplifiers use the Coanda effect (a basic principle of fluidics) to produce outlet flows up to 24 times the compressed air consumed. The compressed air exhausts through a ring nozzle, attaches to an internal contour, and then flows toward one end. It creates a vacuum on the opposite end that pulls free air through the unit. This induced air mixes with the compressed air for a high-volume, high-velocity outlet flow.

When set to a 0.002-in. air gap supplied at 80 PSIG, the outlet flow is 2,323 SCFM when measured 6 in. from the outlet. Sound level is 83 dBA. The vacuum and discharge end can be ducted using standard hose or tube.

Applications include cooling hot parts, exhausting smoke and fumes, distributing heat in ovens or molds, and drying components. Construction is aluminum or stainless steel. Additional sizes from 3/4 in. dia. to 4 in. dia. are available.

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