Air cleaner comes with multiple lift-off attachments

June 12, 2013

Air cleaner comes with multiple lift-off attachments -

The TM 1000 TaskMaster portable shop and plant air cleaning unit is available from Micro Air® Clean Air Systems. Suitable for maintenance and source-capture applications, it can be rolled where it is needed and plugged into any 120-V, single-phase outlet.

Attachments, which are secured with a lift-off connection, allow the unit to capture pollutants from grinding, welding, cutting, gluing, and painting. Available attachments include articulated source-capture arms in various sizes; dual articulated arms (for use by two operators); downdraft table; backdraft hood; and a long-reach, flexible hose with hood.

The unit is powered by a high-capacity motor-blower assembly that provides 1,000 CFM within a 25.5- by 35-in. footprint, so it can be maneuvered in tight areas with limited access.

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