Air nozzle helps ensure nonmarring blowoff

August 20, 2014

Exair’s new polyether ether ketone (PEEK) Pico Super Air Nozzle™ delivers a small, precise blowoff with high-velocity airflow. The nozzle is 0.63 in. long and 0.20 in. dia., permitting installation in tight spaces. Its PEEK thermoplastic construction provides self-lubricating qualities with a low coefficient of friction to produce nonmarring protection for sensitive materials.

PEEK thermoplastic resists chemicals, allowing it to withstand harsh environments in chemical, plating, etching, and metal cleaning processes.

The model 1109 provides a narrowly focused air pattern. High amplification of airflow and a strong blowing force of 5 oz. are achieved with minimal air consumption of 4.9 SCFM at 80 PSIG. High temperature limit is 320 degrees F.

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