Automated slurry-blast system has 2-axis gun motion

April 14, 2014

Guyson Corp. has introduced a 72- by 72-in. wet blasting machine with a 1,500-lb.-capacity powered transfer cart and a gun manipulator that moves the blast nozzles vertically and horizontally in a repeatable programmed routine.

Designed for wet-blast cleaning, descaling, and prepolish treatment of dies and molds, the custom-engineered Vaqua slurry-blasting system has two banks of four guns bracketed in position at the correct angles and offsets on the X-axis arms of the gun mover so both faces of the workpiece can be blasted simultaneously.

Controlled and adjustable traversing of the blast guns in two axes enables thorough, consistent coverage of components up to 30 in. dia., and blast treatment can be concentrated on specific target surfaces.