Bar code tracking software designed for fabricators

January 7, 2013

Bar code tracking software designed for fabricators -

Dynamic Systems Inc. has announced the launch of the CheckMate ERP software suite, based on the company's manufacturing suite with modules added for the requirements of small to midsized fabricators. The suite includes job costing, inventory, and tool tracking to provide fabricators with up-to-the-minute information.

The software allows users to create sales orders and convert them automatically to manufacturing orders that are tracked through the production process using bar code technology. Upon completion of each task, labor hours and raw materials are recorded to the order. At the final completion of the build, the raw materials inventory is back-flushed out of the Stockroom module, and the cost of the job is completed.

The Stockroom module is a complete inventory system that tracks raw materials and finished goods using bar coding. Inventory can be received by the case but issued one by one. Multiple units of measure can be used for liquid and sheets of material, or each item can be tracked individually.

The software provides a list of tools, molds, and dies required for a job and tracks the history and condition of each item. The Toolroom Maintenance module records and schedules required calibration dates, die sharpening, and other maintenance requirements.

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