Battery-operated marking system transports by hand

July 25, 2013

Battery-operated marking system transports by hand -

The Flymarker Pro mobile dot peen marking system from Equipment Sales Co. features a compact size and weighs 10 lbs. Equipped with a magnet and battery, the portable power package creates deep, durable markings at high speeds, the company states. The markings are readable after a coating process.

The control unit is installed in the breakproof housing of the hand-held marking system. There are no cables to limit workplace location.

The marking files can be programmed via the self-explanatory software of the integrated control unit. Only basic computer knowledge is necessary for the operation. Marking files also can be created using the optional PC software and transferred to the marking device using the USB interface.

The linear guides in the X and Y directions give precise marking head positioning to help guarantee repeatable accuracy, says the manufacturer.