Blaster redesigned for great angles, more power, faster cleaning

May 21, 2014

Viking Blast & Wash Systems has introduced the SH 3660HD in its industrial line of spinner hanger blasters. The redesigned unit has four wheels for great angles and more horsepower than the previous model for faster cleaning and efficiency.

Eliminating a lower screw auger reduces wear on the unit. An aggressive air intake allows for the application of more than 2,500 CFM, which means cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet. Also making the blaster more wear-resistant is its manganese drum lined with ½-in.-thick chromoly liners.

The standard model, which covers most applications, is equipped with four VK Powermax 15-HP blast wheels and a 3-HP vertical lifting abrasive system with air wash separator. The unit also can be fitted with a rotary scalping drum; auxiliary abrasive hoppers; and 20-HP, 25-HP, or 30-HP blast wheels.

Safety features include light curtains as standard with two palm buttons for a high level of safety.

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