CAD modeling helps optimize pressworking processes

May 30, 2012

CAD modeling helps optimize pressworking processes -

Bilsing Automation has introduced the new 3-D press line scanning service, designed to provide accurate simulations of customers' stamping processes.

Many automotive OEMs require that press lines be up and running within a couple hours of tooling and die installation. This requires simulation and offline programming of the processes using a 3-D digital CAD model of the equipment.

For press lines that lack accurate 3-D data, the company sends a team and equipment to the customer's facility, where the scan can be performed within a weekend, allowing the service to be completed without affecting production. Static accuracy of the data is 0.04 to 0.12 in.; dynamic accuracy is 0.04 in.

After collecting the data, the company creates a digital model of the line within three days. From there, various production scenarios of the automation process can be created in two to four weeks. All press and robot motions are simulated to ensure that no collisions occur and that throughput requirements can be met. This helps eliminate retooling during the build phase.

The simulation helps to verify the press line SPM on a specific die set. The simulation optimization is translated in an offline program to be set up on the press line's HMI.