Chillers maintain metalworking fluids at consistent temperature levels

March 31, 2014

PolyScience offers DuraChill recirculating chillers to provide temperature control for metal forming, machining, and welding equipment.

DuraChill chillers have cooling capacities from 5.2 to 33.4 kW at 68 degrees F. They are available in air- and water-cooled models. The 1.5-, 2-, and 3-HP models feature a 41- to 96- degree-F temperature range and maintain temperature with ±0.9-degree-F stability. The 5-, 7.5, and 10-HP models maintain temperatures from 32 to 86 degrees F with ±-degree-F Stability.

Standard features include dual digital displays that present temperature and pressure/flow rate simultaneously, as well as user-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms.