Cleaner brings contaminants to surface

January 24, 2013

Aero Clean SLC from Chemtool Inc. is a water-based, pH-neutral cleaner that uses specialty surfactant systems for cleaning all aluminum alloys, as well as nonferrous alloys and specialty ferrous alloys.

The cleaner works at temperatures from room temperature to 180 degrees F. It removes hydrocarbon oil-based soils and contaminants from a variety of surfaces. Dilutions exhibit an ultralow interfacial tension value that allows the cleaner to wet out and cover extremely fouled surfaces. Surfactant technologies then effervesce contaminants from the treated substrate without emulsifying the soils or contaminants. The cleaner pops out and rejects soils and contaminants to the surface of the solution to be skimmed off.

The halogen-free cleaner is suitable for both spray and immersion applications. It is compatible with fluid recycling systems.

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