Cross-ventilation system offers obstruction-free dust collection

September 30, 2013

The MCB from United Air Specialists Inc. is a self-contained cartridge dust collector. Suitable for applications for which source capture is impractical, including grinding, sanding, welding, abrasive blasting, batch mixing, and powder coating, the unit removes fine airborne process dust. It draws air through large baffled, louvered doors, where high-efficiency ProTura® nanofiber cartridgefilters capture the submicron contaminants. Clean air then is discharged from the top of the system and can be recirculated into the facility.

The filter pulse-cleaning system works with the surface-loading characteristics of the nanofiber filter media to provide dust release, extending filter life and reducing compressed air consumption. It features a tool-free filter replacement process and single-sided access.

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