Data collection software helps shops become paperless

February 10, 2009

MIE Solutions has created shop floor data collection software running on Windows® that makes use of production scheduling to enable a manufacturing shop to become paperless.

MIE Trak Kiosk data collection software eliminates the use of bar code technology to capture employee work through the job shop. The system has a large-button interface with which employees clock in/out for the day, in/out of jobs, and issue bills of material to jobs for job costing.

The system integrates with scheduling software, which allows users to highlight all the jobs an employee is scheduled to work on. Dragging and dropping jobs onto the scheduling whiteboard immediately changes the jobs that employees see as they clock into their machine and associated job.

Recently viewed items are shown on the computer screen to eliminate keystrokes. Employees can display drawings, blueprints, and models on the computer screen to eliminate extra paper flowing through a lean shop.

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