Dot marker needs no manual Z-axis height adjustment

October 23, 2012

The new e8-c153 z-a SIC dot marker from SIC Marking delivers precision, consistent part marking aided by the Autosense function, making it suitable for data matrix code and human-readable text applications. Its marking window is 6.3 by 3.9 in.

The marking head descends automatically to the part, and the tungsten carbide stylus touches the component and then backs off a preprogrammed distance to help ensure consistent marking depth. This negates the need for a manual Z-axis height adjustment.

The machine can mark stepped components automatically, as well as inside recesses, and the software can be set up to abort the marking cycle if a component isn't sensed. It can handle up to 3,000 parts per day.

The controller allows user interface through manual data input, by scanning bar codes for error-proof data entry, and through host computer interface. The Windows® software allows users to copy and back up files and import and create logos. Files also can be created on a PC and downloaded to the controller, or the controller can be run directly from the PC using the graphical display.

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