Ejector system uses energy-efficient technology

April 8, 2014

Piab has updated its piCOMPACT™ line of manifold-mounted ejector systems based on energy-efficient COAX® technology. By working at low feed pressure and maximizing the usage rate of the compressed air, the ejectors help reduce energy consumption.

Products in the line are suitable for pick-and-place operations that require efficient handling of small, heavy parts. According to the company, the multistage vacuum ejector is the smallest available, yet provides three times more vacuum flow than similar products.

The Energy-Saving (ES) function effectively turns off the compressed air usage when set vacuum level is achieved. An additional feature connected to the ES function, ACM eliminates the issue of motor-boating, in which the vacuum generator cycles on and off repeatedly in case of leakage. ACM automatically senses if ES is needed or not. It also can be used for monitoring when it is time to replace worn-out suction cups.