Electric lift trucks hold up to 4,000-lb. loads

April 10, 2013

Electric lift trucks hold up to 4,000-lb. loads - TheFabricator.com

Nissan Forklift Corp. has introduced the TX series three-wheel, AC-powered lift trucks. They are available in 3,000-, 3,500-, and 4,000-lb. capacities and include a new vehicle control module.

An LCD panel readout and keypad allow operators and technicians to identify and respond to truck parameters according to the needs of the application without a separate handset. With the use of personal ID numbers, operators can access one of three standard performance modes or tailor a mode of their own. The lift trucks allow up to five unique operational profiles.

Seat belt warning alarms, turning speed limits, traveling lift height limits, and seat-actuated power interrupt for lift- and tilt-lock are standard. Optional equipment includes a freezer package for cold-storage applications in temperatures as low as -31 degrees F, an OPTIVIEW® mast that provides a wider line of sight, lower overhead guard, strobe light, higher steering wheel, electronic fingertip hydraulic controls, spinner knob for increased steering control, multiple tire options, and various mast and tilt options.