Five-roll weld squeeze box designed for high-frequency induction welded profile, direct-weld roll forming

December 15, 2009

Rafter Equipment offers the RT-2000S five-roll weld squeeze box, designed for the high-frequency induction welded profile or direct-weld roll forming industry.

The weld box uses a design that pushes all the weld (or forge) rolls on the centerline of the adjustment to help increase squeeze pressure. The squeeze of each roll is adjusted via independent worm-screw jacks. This individual adjustment is useful for light-walled, high-strength steel applications, in which material springback is a concern. Additionally, there is more freedom of adjustment when producing asymmetrical profiles.

An optional removable subplate makes it possible to use multiple configurations (three-, four-, or five-roll) on a single mounting frame. The subplate also facilitates offline setups and expedites roll changeovers.

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