Gas-fired belt conveyor oven preheats steel parts

January 15, 2014

Gas fired belt conveyor

Grieve has produced No. 956, a gas-fired, 800-degrees-F belt conveyor oven currently used for preheating steel parts at a customer's facility. Workspace dimensions are 30 by 108 by 39 in. The modulating natural gas burner heats the unit with 400,000 Btu/hr., while a 4,200-CFM, 3-HP recirculating blower provides vertical downward airflow across the load.

The work load travels through a 24-in.-long open belt loading zone, 108-in.-long insulated heat zone with recirculated airflow, and a 24-in.-long open belt unloading zone. In process, the load rides on a 24-in.-wide, 1- by 1-in. stainless steel conveyor belt with 0.25-HP motor drive to index the belt through the oven heat chamber.

Features include 6-in. insulated walls throughout; aluminized steel interior and exterior; motor-operated vertical lift doors at each end of the heat chamber; and all safety equipment required by IRI, FM, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment, including a 325-CFM, 0.33-HP, powered forced exhauster.

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