Inline casters designed to compensate for floor irregularities

February 6, 2014

Hamilton Caster has custom-engineered an all-stainless inline caster for an aerospace part supplier. The casters, designed for a clean-room environment, have a carrying capacity of 15,500 lbs. each.

The application required the load to remain completely level to compensate for floor irregularities, so the casters were designed with inline wheels that support each other with a pivot point in the center of the caster. When the front caster encounters floor irregularities, the back wheel keeps the load level.

The casters are 10.125 in. tall and 21 in. long, equipped with two 8-in.-dia. by 2.2-in.-wide, double-flanged track wheels. Four 1.57-in., double-sealed, precision stainless steel ball bearings are press-fit into each wheel with 1.25-in. axles. The pivot block uses axles 1.5 in. dia.