Laser marker handles parts up to 14.56 in. high

February 20, 2014

SIC Marking® USA has introduced the XL-Box laser workstation, dedicated to marking and traceability of components. It is equipped with a fiber laser source doped with ytterbium, which allows light or deep markings of alphanumeric codes, bar code, and 2-D data matrix codes on all metals and some plastics.

The unit’s work area is 21.65 by 21.65 in. It can mark parts up to 14.56 in. high, with a T-slot table with threaded holes for fixtures for parts support.

High-contrast markings that can be human-readable or verified by a camera are produced in a hundredth of a second.

The unit operates through a laptop connected via USB port, with PC software that runs in a Windows® environment. The software offers multiple methods for configuring marking.