Lubricating system distributes high-viscosity lubricants at up to 500 PSI

January 10, 2014

Industrial Innovations has introduced the Pro-Mix model to its Spra-Rite lubricant proportional mixing machines. They blend synthetic, semisynthetic, and emulsified lubricants at multiple dilution ratios.

The machines feature a new controls package that can run single or multiple machines and distribute lubricants at pressures up to 500 PSI. A new operator touchscreen and maintenance notification system are built into the HMI.

The systems can be connected to a network of piping to deliver a continuous supply of pressurized lubricant mixtures automatically to multiple presses. The systems feature stainless steel reservoirs for stabilizing liquids before mixing and a patented Pro-Drive assembly for mixing, control, and pressurizing of the lubricant mixture. Fluid level status indicators monitor the level of the two fluids continuously and refill on demand or discontinue service when low levels are reached during operation.

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