Machine communication device features 1-ms signal capture interval

January 7, 2014

Spectrum CNC Technologies™ has announced the release of the WiBox™ 1.5 wireless (or wired) machine data collection and bidirectional CNC machine communication device. It supports all the features of its predecessor, but now can capture machine signal intervals as small as 1 ms.

The device features true integration of multi-DNC software coupled with communication hardware. Multi-MDC/Monitoring is a browser-based, real-time machine monitoring system that automatically collects machine output data to an MS-SQL database. Real-time dashboards and production reports display shop floor manufacturing data including OEE, cycle, alarm, spindle, tool usage, idle, setup, teardown, and machine downtime.

With its wireless and wired capability, the device allows networking of more than 250 machines, addition or removal of machines, and shop floor reconfiguration without the need to run cable.