Manufacturing control software manages order execution, material flow

July 14, 2009

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, has released a new version of its Proficy® Tracker software, which manages the execution of orders and the related flow of materials.

Version 8.0 delivers lean production control by helping to manage inventory, schedule resources in real time, and control the routing of material through a discrete manufacturing process. It allows users to track the real-time location of orders on the production floor and can be configured to perform routing logic to control the movement of product throughout the manufacturing facility in real time. Manufacturers can manage the physical routing and delivery of multiple product components and subassemblies into complex product assemblies.

The software can help reduce WIP inventory by optimizing the production sequence and coordinating the supply chain. It also can help contain warranty exposure and meet regulations by building product birth certificates


The software's order execution management functionality is targeted at handling the ever-changing real-world conditions of the production floor and coordination of suppliers. It provides production order management, bill of material distribution, supplier coordination, sequence and substitution management, and production hold management.

It accommodates production flow adjustments, from minor modifications to major system redesign. Its automation of tracking and routing sends defective materials to a rework area and scrapped materials to a recycling area.