Micropercussion marking machine marks up to 10 characters per second

January 13, 2009

The Technifor XF510Cp micropercussion marking machine can mark up to 10 characters per second. The compact unit has multiple communication interfaces for simplified integration. It is suitable for marking applications in mass production, such as automotive, locks and keys, pneumatic components, electronic components, and sensors.

The UC500 remote control unit has an interface in a choice of 17 languages, manages 13 types of keyboard, and has a universal power supply compatible with voltages from 90 to 250 V. A production line designed in one country can be exported for use anywhere in the world without any changes.

The control software is based on pictograms and offers multiple marking options: fixed text; variable text (dates, counters, shifts, variables); logos; DataMatrix™ codes; and linear, angular, or radial marking.

With its 1.97-in. by 0.79-in. marking area, the unit can mark 2-D DataMatrix codes at five seconds per code. It can store up to 1,000 marking files. Options include column and adapter plate, Windows® marking program, and cycle start/emergency-stop button box.