Mobile collaboration system assists with fixing equipment problems

February 13, 2012

Librestream has created a mobile collaboration system called Onsight. The system visually connects a person at the sight of an equipment problem to someone who can assist with fixing the problem.

With the system, companies can take video collaboration to where equipment problems occur, whether that is the plant floor, a supplier location, or in the field. It connects internal experts at remote locations in real time, with multiple layers of security to keep the content safe. The internal expert can receive live video and audio and share feedback with field staff, external suppliers, or customers to assess operations and resolve issues immediately. Plant workers can use the mobile device to share video, voice, onscreen drawing, and images with the experts who interact live through the collaboration PC software. Remote experts can also share images or prerecorded videos to play on the touchscreen panel of the device. The system connects with wireless, satellite, and cellular networks.

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