Modular clamp bends to hold parts at any angle

June 12, 2014

Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the new Third Hand modular clamp. The fully articulated, fully adjustable clamp holds parts in any position for hands-free access during tack welding, cutting, grinding, sanding, and painting.

Two smooth ball joints in the clamp allow the user to rotate the clamp arm 360 degrees and bend the arm to any position that will provide full access to the part. Clamp position is locked and unlocked with a turn of the socket head cap screws. At 1.5 in. wide, the clamp is portable for use anywhere in the shop or field. The universal C-clamp base with 2-in. opening allows for mounting on any flat, square, or angled surface.

The user can place parts or stock directly in the slotted adapter head, or mount pliers or sliding arm clamps for holding irregularly shaped, square, flat, or angled stock.

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