Modular multiplexor connects up to 250 devices

September 5, 2014

Heidenhain offers TTL, inductive, and analog interface modules for its MSE 1000 modular multiplexor, allowing for connection of up to 250 devices and the acquisition of measured values via Ethernet. The unit allows the user to plug in nearly any type of gauge and collect all data on numerous critical features in one location.

In its basic configuration, the multiplexor consists of a power module and a basic communication module. After that, it can be customized as needed. Additional modules can be attached to allow for the connection of incremental and absolute linear encoders, rotary encoders, a variety of LVDTs, and analog inputs. I/O modules and compressed air modules are available for closed-loop, automated, in-process gauging. The modules are mounted on a standard DIN rail in an electrical cabinet, out of the way of the production line.

MSEsetup is provided with every system to allow the user to configure and master all the connected channels. It also has diagnostics for connected sensors and modules and allows automatic data transfer to a PC via Excel for basic data collection.