Monitoring system connects a few machines or worldwide facilities

January 22, 2013

Syscon Intl. has introduced MT Focus®, a monitoring system for new and legacy machine tools. It connects machines through the universal language of the Internet, so a manufacturer can see machine performance and make decisions based on accurate data, crucial alerts, current production information, and preventive maintenance trends.

The system's adapter/agent module is a four-in-one machine monitoring tool that collects, stores, translates, and displays machine status and performance data. Collected data can be viewed as web-based screenshots on smart devices such as smartphones, iPad®s, PCs, and shop floor monitors or provided as real-time MTConnect protocol that can be used by third-party applications.

The system can handle small machine groupings or large plants with multiple worldwide facilities. It can integrate the plant floor into the company's ERP system, providing historical data that can be used as a benchmark for continuous improvement.

The module provides such information as actual versus targeted performance values, production data, I/O status and counts, job time accumulators, machine data summary, and current and next job data.