Oil-based additive imparts ash-free corrosion inhibitor to lubricants

March 17, 2014

Cortec® has introduced M-531 T, an oil-based additive package of ash-free corrosion inhibitors for petroleum- or synthetic oil-based lubricants such as rust and oxidation preventives, hydraulic fluids, lubricants for pulp and paper equipment, and industrial and automotive gear oils.

The additive is compatible with naphthenic-, paraffinic-, isoparaffinic-, or poly-alpha-olefin (PAO)-based lubricants. It is suitable for enhancing corrosion protection of industrial lubricants when filterability and water separability are required. It can be used with turbines or hydraulics in operating, intermittent, or lay-up conditions.

The product is soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant base stocks and most common solvents, and insoluble in water.

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