Picosecond laser designed for high-throughput processing

March 21, 2013

Picosecond laser designed for high-throughput processing - TheFabricator.com

Coherent Inc. has introduced the Talisker 1000 series ultrafast industrial laser. The high-power picosecond laser is designed for high-throughput, precision materials processing applications in the semiconductor, solar, medical device, consumer electronics, and automotive industries.

Three single-wavelength versions are available — near IR (1,064 nm), green (532 nm), and UV (355 nm) — all at 1,000 kHz. The near IR is suitable for scribing and engraving stainless steel and other metals. The green wavelength delivers higher precision for use on high-value, exotic metals. The UV is designed for processing glass and other transparent or brittle materials.

Picosecond lasers precision-process materials with almost no peripheral thermal effects. Pulse repetition rates up to 1 MHz enable high throughput in many applications.

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