Pneumatic rod lock addresses overtraveling, drifting, bouncing, reverse traveling

January 12, 2010

Advanced Machine & Eng. Co. has introduced the AMLOK® RLN series power-off pneumatic rod lock to help solve problems of overtraveling, drifting, bouncing, and reverse traveling. The rod lock can be mounted to a NFPA cylinder or as a stand-alone unit.

It is constructed of a black anodized aluminum housing with a piston and wedge-locking mechanism actuated by multiple springs that mechanically lock the rod quickly and securely. The clamp is unlocked when air actuates the piston, compresses the spring, and releases the locking device.

The large clamping surface reduces pressure per square inch on the rod to help extend service life. Clamping force is consistent in both directions. Several NFPA-style mounting attachments are available for stand-alone applications.

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