Portable laser marker moves to the workpiece

July 8, 2014

The TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker, a portable laser marking unit from TRUMPF, will make its North American debut at IMTS. This new laser marking concept features a compact, hand-held marking head. The operator moves the laser marking unit to the workpiece, eliminating the need to move the part, and intelligent sensors help ensure the process is conducted safely and accurately.

The marking process is achieved without special tooling or consumables, and it is suitable for marking large or heavy components. The laser can mark identifying characters and images, including bar codes, variable text, and data matrix codes. The unit also can handle simple cleaning tasks and prepare small areas for processing.

The heart of the system is a fiber laser operating in the infrared spectrum. A laser light cable guides the beam from a mobile frame, which holds the laser, safety controls, and suction system, to the scanner unit at the workpiece.

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